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Learn More About Hemp Products.

Hemp may come off as a new word to many but it’s actually more accepted word for cannabis in the industry as the latter is associated with recreational drug use. Hemp is an herb and is used in the production of many products for the benefits that it has. Globally there are many countries that are producing hemp for industrial uses. Textile, food, fuel and plastics that make use of hemp. Green living products also have industrial application of the hemp.

The reason behind this is because hemp does not need any herbicides or pesticides making it very suitable. The herb is key in preventing soil erosion and produces oxygen as well. In textile products hemp is not used alone, it’s a blend of cotton, silk and flax as well. The blend of the same material are also applied in making of furnishings. There are two inner fibers that are woodier and can be used in non-woven products. Apart from providing two hundred and fifty percent more fiber than cotton , hemp is faster growing than cotton. The seeds of hemp plant contain oil that can be extracted and applied in the production of paints that are oil based. The oil can be used in cooking as well when refined of its contents. The oil can also be traced in creams and plastics as well.

The fiber is used in making of sacks and ropes of good quality. Hemp is used in the strengthening of concrete to come up with durable and structures stable structures in some countries. Specific automobile manufacturers use hemp in making of a bio composite to manufacture some internal parts of the automobiles. Due to having large contents of amino acids and fatty acids, hemp is used in food products. There is hemp milk available from the seeds and for those into salads, they can consume hemp directly. Hemp can also be used in baking as well and in cereal as well among a range of products. Hemp seed oil is edible oil and can be used as supplement.

The oil can be frozen for very long periods of time and it doesn’t need preservatives to prevent it from going bad. Iron deficiency is nothing to worry about as the seeds of hemp are rich in it and other minerals. Hemp has been applied in medication thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities. The eco-friendly properties of the hemp plant has seen it used as a purifier in waste water. Hemp plant has accelerated growth that helps in killing of weeds without using chemicals.

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