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The Benefits Of An Escape Room

A game where people are locked into a room and have to find a way to escape by finding clues that help you find the answer to the problem. In this chapter we are going to look at the benefits of the escape room. There is the advantage of having a relaxing hormone from the brain which is able to bring about a calming nature. One is able to improve the way they pass on information which is crucial in solving the various puzzles found in the escape room and this is able to increase the chances of you getting to know teach and other and through that you are able to communicate better. There is the advantage of getting to have the traits of a convergent thinker as you must find a way of getting the puzzle right so that you solve it. There is the advantage of developing attention to detail this is so because you are able to be keen so that you find an escape route to get out of the rooms.

There is the positive effect of getting the attribute of managing time as in these escape rooms you are usually given a duration to solve and if you are not able to then you end up losing. The escape room is able to emphasize on the importance of knowing to spend your time well. There is the benefit of bringing up the aspect of people working together as each of the members has a role to play keeping in mind there are many puzzles in the escape room. There is the advantage of relieving stress this is because you are able to use the games to solve the problems in your body which makes you to get off the tension off the body as you can feel that your brain has relaxed. Through participating in the escape room every member of an organization is able to feel valued as much as they are playing the game one can be able to learn a lot from each other thus foster even team work which is great.

Most of the time the escape room is meant to be played by many people as it usually involves a lot of puzzles which means you are able to have the thinking of a group as opposed to thinking as one person. Moreover it is known to improve the shape and condition of someone’s heart just by participating it is able to bring about production of hormones that make your heart healthier. In conclusion we have been able to pinpoint quite some issues regarding the escape room as it is able to improve your health as individual as well as foster good relationship with others.

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